Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Suzie SaundersSuzie Saunders
Passed 1st time with myself
I could not recommend Lynne more. This has been the best instructor experience I have had. Lynne is calm and helped me beat test anxiety. I would recommend Lynne to anyone who wants a super learning experience and a smooth journey to test.

Dominika RadzickaDominika Radzicka
Passed 1st time
Lynne was a fantastic instructor! From the get go she adjusted lessons to my ability and skill level. She pushed me in each class so that I felt challenged but not overwhelmed, this meant that each lesson was fun and enjoyable but also developed my driving skills. The LDC website and Workbook were very helpful for both the theory and practical exam and allowed you to monitor your progress easily. I highly recommend LDC and Lynne as a driving instructor!

David GrahamDavid Graham
Passed 1st time
Lynne was the best instructor ever! I never felt like learning was rushed as Lynne teaches at the pace you're comfortable with. I felt encouraged to focus on areas I was struggling the most on, and Lynne was always very supportive. Lynne also always made every lesson very fun, informative and relaxing, so that when the test day came, I was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. I would recommend Lynne every time, 10/10

Karlyn TapayanKarlyn Tapayan
Passed 1st time
Lynne was a really great instructor. As a mature learner, I was sceptical whether driving was for me. She has never made me feel intimidated or embarrassed every time I made a mistake. She helped me build my confidence and has given me lots of honest feedbacks which helped me to improve my driving skills. The LDC hub was easy to navigate and full of information. I could highly recommend LDC especially Lynne four driving lessons.

Katie McNamara Katie McNamara
Passed 1st time
I found Lynne through LDC, where they try to find you a driving instructor who is suited to your own needs. They have plenty of resources online and in their LDC workbooks which allow for extra practice and reading outside of lessons. Overall the company were very helpful and have great resources. I cannot thank Lynne enough for her incredible teaching skills. As an anxious driver, I did not think passing my test first time was something that I was capable of. However, Lynne's reassurance and patience grew my confidence which led to me passing first time round. She is incredibly professional and is very thorough in her feedback whilst also creating a friendly and calming atmosphere during lessons. I could not recommend her enough!

Florence DimeoFlorence Dimeo
Passed 1st time
My instructor was very good, very helpful and patient. She always answered questions well so I could understand and I never felt too nervous driving. The LD system was very helpful too, especially for theory practice and understanding what they're looking for in the test. The whole time I felt supported and like I was making progress thanks to my instructor and the resources available and when the time came I felt confident going into my test.

Ethan SamsonEthan Samson
Passed 1st time
Lynne was an amazing instructor; providing useful feedback, adapting each lesson to my needs as we progressed, and answering any questions I had whilst driving. Lynne was incredibly clam and patient with me, always providing me with encouragement when needed, and positive feedback on how to improve my driving skills. The LDC hub helped me pass my theory test with easy, I passed my practical test first time, thanks to the teaching and support from Lynne. I would definitely recommend Lynne to anyone who needed a Driving Instructor!

Chris NorvalChris Norval
Passed 1st time
I thought the LDC workbook came in handy for revision. Lynne was very patient and supportive throughout all my lessons which helped a lot.

Alissa MannAlissa Mann
Passed 1st time with myself
The LD system is really helpful for out-of-lesson learning and was organised well overall. After I failed my first driving test, I moved to Edinburgh so I needed to work on my serious driving faults while getting to know a new area. My driving instructor Lynne was really great in helping me do so - She pointed out what needs improving and we worked towards a good driving standard at my preferred pace. She was very patient with my difficulties and would accommodate the lessons to my voiced needs, so that I could go over areas I did not feel as confident in. The manoeuvres were structured and taught well, making them easily memorable for test day. I passed with only one minor which I think is great testament to Lynne's teaching, and I really recommend her as an instructor!

Andrea Papp
Existing student testimonial
My instructor, Lynne is absolutely fabulous! She is a light hearted character and is very easy going. I am free to ask any questions without having to feel embarrassed and she is willing to go the extra mile if I don’t understand something. I feel very safe driving with her and she makes me feel at ease. The LD system works just great! Really straight forward and not complicated at all. I love the combination of the theory explanation/ descriptions and the CLEAR videos. It helps a lot to monitor your progress.